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Sometimes it's quite hard to plan ahead your finances. Unexpected situations happen all the time. That's where our service comes to the rescue. We specialize in online loans, connecting you with over 100 of direct lenders, who are ready to provide you with a loan fast and easily.

By completing a short form on this website, you get access to our network of lenders. The whole process takes just a couple of minutes. In some cases, lenders may request additional information. In general, the funds are deposited to your account in as soon as the next business day.

Getting a loan from a regular bank can be somewhat difficult, especially if your credit history is damaged or far from being perfect. Our lenders consider people with all backgrounds. No matter what credit you have, you still can submit a request and get lenders’ decision. You only need to fill out this short form, and our service will do the rest for you.


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Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

Here at UpFinances we offer APR rates ranging from 4.95% minimum to 35.95% maximum. The APR you may be offered depends on different factors, including your personal situation and financial standing. By completing our loan offer form you shall receive details of the APR and full terms of any loan offered to you.

The actual interest rate you may be offered depends on several factors: your credit score, financial history, income, etc. Contact your lender for more information about the APR you may receive and the terms of your loan agreement.

Representative Example of APR

If you borrow $2,500 over a term of 1 year with an APR of 10% and a fee of 3%, you will pay $219,79 each month. The total amount payable will be $2,637, with a total interest of $137,48.

Financial Implications (Interest & Finance Charges)

Once you get a loan decision, your lender will supply you with all the necessary details regarding terms, fees and interest rates for a given loan. Be sure to review your loan agreement carefully for information about the financial implications of non-payment before formally accepting the loan. Remember, that you are under no obligation to accept loan offers from lenders. Please check the representative APR example to get more information.

Implications of Non-Payment

When you accept the terms and conditions for a loan, you hereby agree to repay the loan with an interest and in time specified in your loan agreement. Your lender may set late payment and non-payment fees in accordance with state regulations. cannot predict what additional charges may be incurred in case of late payment, partial or non-payment. For more information about your lender's specific procedures, please review your loan agreement or contact your lender directly. partners only with the most reputable lenders adhering to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which protects consumers from being abused or harassed by debt collectors.

Potential Impact to Credit Score

All loans are subject to credit approval. Any lender you are connected with may run a credit check procedure with one or more credit agencies. Too many credit checks in a short period of time may adversely affect your credit score.

Failure to repay a loan can be reported by your lender to one or all of the major credit reporting agencies — Experian, Equifax and Transunion. This can negatively impact your credit your credit history up until you repay the loan in full. The same concerns late payments or rolling over a loan. Once the loan is repaid, lenders can report it to the credit reporting agencies.

Damaged credit score may affect your future financial decisions making it more difficult to get a positive loan decision. Yet, our lenders are ready to consider different score cases.

Collection Practices

Non-payment may involve debt collection practices, as it is set by applicable law. is not a lender and thus not involved in any way in the above mentioned process. Your lending agreement should have provisions disclosing debt collection practices. Please contact your lender for any questions regarding collections.

Loan Renewal Policies

Some lenders within our network may automatically renew your loan if it becomes past due. There also could be additional charges for this. All terms are described and identified in your loan agreement. Check your lender's policy on automatic loan renewal before you sign it electronically. Also, your lender may offer other alternative methods besides renewal. To a significant extent, these regulations are determined by state regulations.

Our free loan connecting service allows customers across America to access extra cash when they need it most. It’s our goal to help you find the lender offering a loan quickly and hassle-free.

Frequently asked questions to help you on your path to financial freedom.

Use the chat feature on the right side of your screen. A live agent is available to assist you between 9 AM and 5 PM EST. You can also reach us by email at
Qualifying is based on a few key categories:
  1. Currently have a job or have other sources of regular income. Those receiving benefits also qualify
  2. Make at least $800 per month
  3. Are 18 years of age or older and a U.S. resident
  4. Other requirements may apply
If we are able to find you a lender, usually you will be redirected to the lenders site within 2 minutes. Some lenders may also call you to confirm your loan. If we are not able to find you a lender, you will see a message stating that.
We do not lend money or process loans. Upon getting results, we redirect you to one of our reputable lenders. You may be asked to fill out additional forms.
You will need to have a bank account in order for us to find you a lender. If you don't have a checking account you can indicate that you have a savings account. Just choose "savings account" when submitting your information. Additionally, our lenders use the bank account to deposit your loan and for repayment.


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